Livingston Parish Chamber of Commerce

The Calm after the Storm

If you are like me, as soon as your saw your location, your home, your business or whatever it was that flooded, one of the first things that went through your mind was how quickly you needed to get it all back in order and back to normal.

The sense of urgency is overwhelming to get our lives back to what they used to be.  Having a business building flooded is bad enough, I cannot imagine what it is like from the home side, knowing so many of my friends are not sleeping in their own bed.

I can tell you what I did experience is the calm after the storm, when you realize that no matter how frantic and hour urgent your need is and how fast you want things to happen, you only have one choice. To deal with the process.  To settle back, take a breath and try to experience a little bit of calm after the storm.


Your post is really made me sad as I also felt sorry for those who lost their everything in the storm. Our dissertation writers uk services also wrote about the need to help those who couldn’t help themselves. May God give them peace and the strength. Amen!