Livingston Parish Chamber of Commerce

Small Business - At the table? or On the table?

Small business - Small Business - Small Business

We've been active in advocacy, on your behalf by attending meeting, tours, discussions, presentations and anything else we can be a part of to keep small business in the front of decision makers. Many discussions include an interest and concern of small business - with limited details. 


For the most part, small business has been watching the table, but as of yet, not at the table. Having a place at the table gives us input and awareness of the protocol - disaster recovery is a slow, drawn, frustrating process of its own - of delving out the limited funds that are available. With so many in need, the funds won't go far.  Will much go to few?  Or will little go to many? It's going to be a tough job for the Restore Louisiana Task Force.  


All agree that the small business sector must return.  No one knows that better than us - except of course, you. The views of the independent business owner are imperative. The allocation of the funds appropriated for disaster recovery (the $438 million) will allow for economic recovery. We'll keep you posted.