Livingston Parish Chamber of Commerce

"Sitting Disease" it's a real thing and can greatly impact your life span.

I know, it sounds dramatic right?  The studies supporting the life span question are in, and they are as we all expected.   According to informational segment presented by Greg LeBlanc, PT, DPT, OCS of Baton Rouge Physical Therapy,  women who sit more than 6 hours per day are 94% more likely to die during a time period studied.  

It is estimated that the average American is seated 7.7 hours per day when daily commutes, time seated at a computer screen and the time spend seated at home later in the day are added.  This lifestyle and work style are costly for both individuals and their employers.  Employers can benefit by offering options to positions that require a large amount of time seated.  

Men who are inactive and sat over 6 hours daily were 48% more likely to die than their standing counterparts.  3 out of 4 full time employees of large companies wish they did not spend so much time sitting.  Studies show even when adults meet physical activity guidelines, sitting for prolonged periods can compromise metabolic health.  What can you do to challenge this trend? 

Greg LeBlanc offers the tips to better wellness in the work place.  He advises employees to stand when they are taking a phone call or other routines that can help get the stand up piece in.  Moving the copier to a location that requires standing up and walking over is an additional opportunity Instead of emailing or picking up the phone, he advises workers to stand up and walk over to their peers work place to discuss items and to incorporate more movement into their day.  With this activity, not only will your body benefit, but there is a mental benefit of interacting with other and seeing them in person.  

Standing desks are becoming more popular and affordable as the demand increases.  Attendees of a recent chamber luncheon with about 45 in the room were polled on who currently uses standing desks. Two raised their hands citing and expressed their endorsement of desks that offer varied heights for sitting and standing.  However you are able to fit it in,finding opportunities to stand will make for happier and healthier employees.