Livingston Parish Chamber of Commerce

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Leadership Livingston Program   Applications Class of 2018 Here

  • WHAT IT WOULD BE LIKE, for 24 hours, to participate in an exercise that demonstrates the struggles and decisions used each day by the poor, the middle class, the rich?  What if you didn't have the money to buy a cup of coffee or dinner?  Had no transportation?  What if you are responsible for employing hundreds of people?  Opening Retreat for Leadership allows you to experience this.  It is a life changing exercise that promises you will never look at life the same again!
  • Would you like a personal meeting with the mayors and parish elected officials in Livingston Parish including our Parish President, Sheriff, Parish Council, Assessor, Clerk of Court and others? 
  • Would you like to hear how their offices are run, what authority and responsibility each has? Budgets? Challenges? and future forecast in their offices with a select group of people?
  • Tour the State Capitol from the "insider's view".
  • How about the History of the parish?  What was it like long ago?  What was the Leadership like then? How did that shape today's leaders?
  • What about the Cultural Influences in the parish?
  • Economic Impact?  Visit large employers, small business and what made them decide to locate in Livingston Parish? (You'll be surprised to know!)
  • Change your view!  Get the Facts and the Inside scoop for a $850 (other similar programs charge $1,000 to $2,000!).  (Honestly, you would spend over $200 on 10 lunches for 10 months, for only $850 we will feed you, provide a NICE hotel room, introduce you to the leadership of the parish in a close setting, evaluate your personality and teach you how to hone your skills in working with others. And that's just a fraction of the program.
  • WE will provide you with a gratifying Community Project where you get to make the difference.
  • ALUMNI PROGRAM - We have begun an alumni program that is exclusive to Leadership graduates.  All graduates from the previous classes are invited to participate. Therefore, the new class will have interaction with the Alumni group giving all  an opportunity to meet.

Graduate Testimonials

  • "I could spend 50 more years in Livingston Parish and not gain the perspective on the parish that I did in one year in the Leadership Program."
  • "I had no idea that Leadership Livingston could pack so much adventure into any given day. It was well worth the time, energy and commitment."
  • "[The program] exposed me to the Livingston Parish community, business environment, and political market. Those factors truly aid leaders to make sound business decisions."
  • "This class helped me see the bigger picture - a future filled with opportunity & possibility! The friends I've met & the connections I've made are invaluable."

Livingston Parish Proud

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Discover the gems of the parish and find out things you never knew!

Leadership Livingston takes you on a monthly "grown up field trip" where you interact with presenters and learn about the hidden gems, the great people and the beautiful landscape that makes Livingston Parish the place to be.  
Even those who have lived here their whole life were impressed and exposed to things they had never known or experienced before.  For newcomers, it's a must.
"I could spend 50 more years in Livingston Parish and not gain the perspective on the parish that I did in one year in the Leadership Program." - 2016 Graduate

Outdoor Recreation Day

785 resizedOutdoor Recreation Day showcases the gems of the parish from a waterways perspective.  Many had never experienced the boaters point of view for the waterways.  Tickfaw River is the highlight of the day.  Expert tours take class participants through Livingston Parish waterways.

Criminal Justice Day

Weapons, K-9 Unit, Detectives, Jail Tour and more.LeadershipCriminalJustice

Past year's classes toured the sheriff's training center, parish jail, the 911 center, a criminal investigation and a host of other interesting functions of the Sheriff's Department.   This is not your everyday tour.  This is a one of a kind opportunity to view the department.  We can't show you all that we did, apply for Leadership Livingston for a date that you will not soon forget - (that means never!)

Social Concerns & Healthcare Issues

LeadershipSocialConcernsHow aware are you of these issues?

Leadership Livingston puts you in close contact with the CEO's of the three major health care systems serving Livingston Parish.  Our Lady of the Lake provided free health assessments for class participants allowing the class to "know your numbers" and take control of your health. Drugs, homelessness, hunger, mental health issues, veterans issues, elderly care, foster care, child neglect, adult hunger, choosing between paying for medicines and the electric bill.  These are just a few of the issues you will learn about in the Social Concerns segment.  Want to make a difference????  First you have to know what the issues are and who is already in the parish addressing them.  90% of first year class participants had never heard of the some of the agencies that presented to the class on this day, that are daily addressing social issues in the parish.  To make a difference, you have to know!

Education Day

894Leadership Livingston Class visits the LPPS School Board Council.  The Administrative offices and a comprehensive overview with our school superintendent is an insightful part of the program.

Art Culture & History in Livingston Parish

Leadership December 039_copy

Arts, Culture and the History of the parish come to life when you live the days past.  Leadership Livingston takes you there with private tours, special invitations and a culmination of interesting places and knowledge of the parish.  

What is Leadership Livingston? 

What is Leadership Livingston?

Leadership Livingston is program based on a national model used by Chambers throughout the country to develop individuals as leaders within their communities.  While the program is new to Livingston Parish, it has a long history of building successful leaders throughout the nation, state and neighboring parishes. 

Participants are current and emerging leaders who graduate from the program with an awareness of community and social topics.  With commitment and understanding, graduates of Leadership Livingston will transfer skills provided through the program into actual community application.  Presenters and sponsors of the program benefit by helping to form trained, responsible, dedicated leaders who are given the tools and information to make a difference in the community where they live and/or work.  Enthusiasm from their knowledge gained in the program gives graduates a “can do” approach applied with their renewed enthusiasm and understanding of their surroundings.

How does Leadership Livingston provide this information and skills?

The program begins with an overnight retreat where the class participates in a “simulated society” presented by a certified, professional facilitator.  Participants are broken into different “classes” of society where they face the challenges and real life issues of each.  Participation in the retreat is mandatory including an overnight stay.

Following the retreat, participants agree to attend a one day session each month focusing on a specific topic of Livingston Parish.  The topics include government, culture and tourism, community health care, leadership competencies, judicial system, diversity, education, social concerns, economic development, hidden treasures and topics which are unique to Livingston Parish.  These topics are presented as one day per month field trip where the class typically meets at a different destination each month throughout the parish. 

 Why did the Chamber take on this program?

The Chamber, through its mission, supports the growth and economic development of the parish.  A role of the chamber is to engage business leaders, enrich the community at large and expand resources to all.  Leadership programs are typically presented by local chambers of commerce making it a perfect fit for the positive direction and growth of not only the chamber, but the parish as a whole.  As individuals participate in the program and presenters at the destinations greet the class, the value and need for the program will be realized even further. 

Who should participate/apply for the program?

Leadership is for any existing or potential leader who resides or works in Livingston Parish.  The number of participants is limited.  Other programs typically have participants who are corporate executives, educators, bankers, attorneys, entrepreneurs, homemakers, engineers, volunteers, architects, retailers, physicians, mayors, elected officials, clergy, realtors, publishers, account representatives, health care providers, firemen, managers, police, parish council, city council, tourism, a host of other industries and YOU! 


What are the requirements of participants?

Participants agree to:

·        Commit to the entire program with the understanding that there are no refunds and those not completing the attendance requirements will not graduate from the  program.  (No more than one session can be missed to graduate.  Sessions can be made up the following year and graduate with that class.)

·        Attend the opening retreat with a one night stay.

·        Provide your own transportation and agree to carpool when necessary to locations at your expense.

·        Attend one full weekday per month session from September through May

·        Participate in the group project addressing a need in the community.

What is the cost of the program?

Because we would like to keep our program affordable, we are offering a program fee of $850 per participant.  Ask anyone from the first two classes and we
promise they will state the program is worth much more.  Many leadership programs charge from one thousand to two thousand dollars because of the value
of this type of Leadership program. Our program will offer the same topics as those and will be professional, structured and organized. Accommodations, meals, fees
and course materials are included in the cost. While transportation may be provided occasionally,  transportation costs are not included and are the responsibility of the participant. Program sponsors are currently being offered to support the program as a whole and includes one participant. 

What can applicants expect?

          Applicants can expect to be notified of their acceptance within a week of the application deadline.  Once accepted, you will be notified via email of upcoming sessions, dress, directions, arrival times and other details of each session.  The Chamber will provide a calendar for the year at the beginning of the program, but the itinerary for each month will be provided in that month only.  A social project of the group will be part of the program and will be an additional component.  The chamber reserves the right to implement a social event as a part of the program.  Each participant will have options on which event to attend.  They will include arts or culture events, civil war reenactments, community events and other easy to attain requirements.